To live in rhythm with Nature is a revolutionary act. Be part of the gardening revolution.


Online Gardening Classes & Workshops

Stay tuned for our upcoming ecological gardening classes for 2024. We have classes that range from one two hour session to six week workshops.


Garden Rhythm Online Program

Garden Rhythm is an immersive online course and community that will teach you to become a climate-wise gardener who works with the cycles of nature – thinking like an ecosystem, and growing a resilient and abundant garden.


Garden Coaching and Consulting

Do you wish you had some expert advice and a cheerleader to help you when gardening gets overwhelming or confusing? Book a private garden coaching session with Jennie and have your hand held through the process of creating your dream garden.

"Since taking Jennie's gardening classes, I have achieved my lifelong dream of becoming a gardener. A confident, successful, blissed out gardener with a lush and beautiful garden. Dream come true. Full stop.

Before, I didn't know where to start and was intimidated by the undertaking to the point of not doing it at all despite how much it was always a dream of mine. It felt like such a mysterious big undertaking...something that other people could somehow do, but was beyond my reach.

Jennie demystified it for me, broke it down into easy steps and concepts that I could understand and, most importantly, that I could easily do. One simple, clear step at a time. Now people stop to look at MY garden!

They look at me and think I have some magic trick, "wow, you have a real green thumb", like it's some mysterious natural gift I have. I say, no, I don't have a green thumb, I have Jennie Cramer! I do what she says and things grow. Also, now, from what I learned from Jennie, I am able to think for myself as a gardener and try new things. Buuut, I still need Jennie...there is so much more to learn and she speaks "garden" fluently."


Julie Gallivan

Rochester, NY

Garden Rhythm Online Program

Embody the rhythms of Nature and bring more joy and ease to gardening

Garden Rhythm is an online regenerative gardening course and community

Imagine walking into your garden and instinctively knowing which seeds need sowing, what companions to plant, and which weeds are for eating. You feel rooted, grounded, and excited while doing it all in an efficient and effective regenerative way.


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